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It’s Urology Awareness Month!

What is Urology Awareness Month?

Urology Awareness Month is organised by The Urology Foundation (TUF) and dedicates the month of September to raising awareness of urological diseases and raising funds for research and training into these diseases. TUF estimate that a staggering 1 in 2 of us will be affected by a urology condition in our lifetime. Despite this shocking figure, stigma still surrounds urological conditions.

Urology and Stigma

In 2016, ten well-known charities arranged a workshop to address the subject of continence problems being a significant issue for the community. The reports following this workshop state that the number of people ‘seeking treatment may be as low as 20% of those affected’1; this highlights the stigma that individuals feel around urological conditions, as well as the lack of awareness and understanding of urological conditions – both are characteristics associated with Urology, that Urology Awareness Month aims to overcome.

How to Get Involved

The Urology Foundation are battling the stigma associated with many urological conditions and are encouraging people to start talking about their urology health. They are keen to educate the public on knowing the signs and symptoms of urology diseases and seek medical help when needed.

  1. Spread the word
    • There are posters and leaflets about urology health to help spread the word to as many people as possible. Sharing your story also helps – there is power in numbers and the more people that talk about their urology conditions, the better chance there is to inspire others to do the same and overcome the taboo around urology. You can email your story to
  2. Fundraise
    • TUF work towards improving the care and treatment for urology patients and raise funds to carry out crucial research. Investment into finding new treatments and cures are low, despite one fifth of all cancers diagnosed every year being urological. Visit to find out more about fundraising, including the Big 5 Challenge which aims to raise £60,000 for vital research.

At Clinisupplies, we do more than manufacture our own urology product range; we care about patients and are passionate about making a difference to the lives of all those that are affected by urological conditions, which is why we support Urology Awareness Month. We have a team of highly experienced nurse specialists who work closely with patients and healthcare professionals to provide support for those with bladder problems.



  1. “My Bladder and Bowel own my life”

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